Everything I know I have learned from handling toys during more than a decade trading on ebay (under the moniker ‘hexeres), and from my research using books and websites written by others. The list below is a selection of the main sources I have used. I hope you find them useful, and if you know of an important resource that I have overlooked, please let me know. 

Unfortunately, websites have a tendency to disappear once their creators cease maintaining them. If this happens for any of the links I have included here, you may nevertheless be able to find an archived copy at the Internet Archive Way Back Machine (

Dinky Military

Minic Ships

Britains Deetail

  • Britains Toy Soldiers, James Opie (Pen & Sword 2016)
  • Suspended Animation: An Unauthorised History of Herald & Britains Plastic Figures, Peter Cole (Plastic Warrior 2004)

Matchbox Aircraft Kits

Solido Military

Dinky Aircraft

  • Dinky Toys Aircraft 1934-1979, G.R.Webster (Blurb, v2.6, Winter 2011)
  • Diecast Toy Aircraft, Sue Richardson (New Cavendish 1997)
  • Dinky Toys & Modelled Miniatures, Mike & Sue Richardson (3rd Edition, New Cavendish 1993)

Airfix Military Series

Wiking Ships

  • Wiking ships website (in German):
  • Wiking-Modelle: Die Schiffe und Flugzeuge, Peter Schoenfeldt (Koehler 1998) (in German)
  • Miniature Ship Models, Paul Jacobs (Seaforth 2008)

ESCI Figures

Matchbox Skybusters


  • Skybird Notes, A.G.Sinclair (1994)

Matchbox 1-75

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